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As desirable educational reform, the CBSE initiated a system of student evaluation referred to as Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE). It has already been implemented for classes 6–10, to be followed by the primary classes, 1–5. The CBSE has made recommendations for the primary classes that will enable primary school students to enjoy learning in a stress-free environment and will dovetail CCE in the primary classes with the process in secondary school.

Under this system of evaluation, it is believed that

  • the child's progress should not be evaluated only on the basis of rigid end of term question-answer type exams.
  • assessment should involve continuous monitoring and feedback through methods such as assignments, projects, surveys, experiments and quizzes.
  • teachers should recognise that no two children have the same abilities.
  • efforts should be made to build on each child's strengths and abilities and diagnose the problem areas.