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New Discover History is a revised and updated edition of the widely accepted Discover History series.

These books have an interactive and a child-friendly approach, so that students enjoy learning history and civics. They are also richly illustrated so as to make the subject come alive for the students. Equal emphasis has been paid to major events in Indian and world history so that students get a holistic picture of the past. Also events are covered in a systematic and chronological manner so that the students can recognise the patterns and understand the underlying processes that moulded our past and present.

Several new features have been added to the books.

  • Learning objectives that state clearly the knowledge and skills that students will acquire by the end of the lesson. They help students to set goals and achieve them.

  • Timelines that provide a graphic representation of the periods of time under study, with the main events that occurred in that period arranged chronologically. They give students a brief and concise picture of the period under study.

  • Abundant and rich illustrations that are used as teaching tools. They not only illustrate the text, but are also used to convey information that goes beyond the text.

  • Accurate and informative maps that present a spatial perspective of historical events.

  • Discover More Boxes that offer extra information on the topics under study.

  • Words to remember that gives a glossary of important terms used in the chapter.

  • In brief that sums up the main concepts in the chapter. It is a useful tool for revision.

  • Activities that offer a variety of tasks, such as map work, project work, field trips, poster-making, script-writing, role-play, chart work and making presentations.

  • Graded exercises that cover each chapter in detail, and move from shorter objective-type to longer detailed-answer type.

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills that require students to apply what they have learnt in the chapter, and to think beyond it.

  • Multiple Choice Questions that test a student’s understanding of the chapter in depth since they involve choosing the correct answer from several similar options.

  • Picture Study that offers picture-based questions that encourage students to observe, identify, and recall facts.

  • Websites for further reference that supply Internet links to augment the topics under study. These are also useful for projects.