Buzzword Overview

Welcome to the Buzzword Teacher Resource Website!

The Buzzword portal is designed to support the teacher in the classroom with detailed lesson plans, extra resources, author notes, answer key and CDs all linked unit-wise to the Buzzword series.

Buzzword is an eight-level course that has been specially designed for language learning in Nepal. The basic premise of the course is that students learn language best when they are dealing with interesting and meaningful tasks. Theme-based units provide 'anchors' for learning and lead naturally to the acquisition of communicative language skills.

The different sub-topics within each unit provide variety add depth to the learning experience. Each theme offers opportunities to explore

  • * areas related to the student's own experiences. ('Cities', Unit 3 Main Coursebook 7)
  • * themes across the curriculum. ('History', Unit 2 Main Coursebook 6)
  • * social and cultural issues. ('Conflict',Unit 3 Main Coursebook 6)

There is also a focus on English literature in the poems in the Main Coursebook ('My Heart Leaps Up', William Wordsworth) and the texts in the Literature Reader ('My Mind Went Blank', from Richard Wright's Black Boy).

One of the main advantages of Buzzword is that, throughout the course, there is a clear direction for learning—the units, texts and tasks have carefully planned stages leading to well-defined communicative outcomes.