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New Green Tree is a series of six books on Environmental Studies, meant for the pre-primary and primary classes. These books aim to make the children understand their immediate environment better—both natural and social.

In keeping with the increasing stress on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), we have introduced extra activities and a section on Life Skills in all the chapters. From classes 3–5, we have colour coded the exercises and activities as Formative and Summative. We have also included a brief note explaining CCE. But since these books are sold in both ICSE and CBSE schools, we have not mentioned CCE on the covers. Nor have we used CCE related terms in the main text.

As per the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005, New Green Tree has made an attempt to locate every theme in physical, social and cultural contexts familiar to the child, to help her/him understand the subject. This book also views environmental science more holistically, integrating elements of both science and social studies, as advocated by the new NCERT guidelines.

Also included in this edition:

• Life Skills

• Internet Reference

• Exciting activities and imaginative exercises

Books included in this edition: Books Starter and 1 to 5