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Magnolia English Readers  Primers to 8 lay a strong foundation for cumulative learning, paving the way for enhanced cognitive development. The course is built on age-appropriate concepts and activities.

The texts, exercises and activities in the Readers along with active digital support facilitate a well-rounded learning and teaching experience inside the classroom and beyond.

  • » Reading variety of texts across genres from the ICSE Suggested Reading list. One play has been included in each Reader (1-8), Number of units: 12 + number of poems: 6. 
  • » Texts and poems are based on themes like self & family, health and hygiene, the world around us, etc. to motivate the student to reflect and respond creatively.
  • » Speaking and Listening sections in the Readers emphasize effective use of these skills in everyday life. The tasks are designed to enable fluency and accuracy in communication. The Pronunciation section also aids better communication.
  • » Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing have simple, accurate explanations and examples as well as extended practice.
  • » Study Skills exercises to practise spelling, punctuation and dictionary usage.

  • Teacher Support
     is enhanced and well-organised to ensure that the teacher is partnered responsibly. A comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Pack with answer key, author notes, lesson and poem summaries, listening texts, lesson plans, question bank, sample creative writing passages (classes 6-8) based on ICSE writing tasks, sample assessment papers, and worksheets is provided for each class. The Teachers’ Smart Book is equipped with all resources to empower both e-learning and blended learning, a question-paper generator is also available.