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New ScienceAhead Primer–8 is a series of nine thoughtfully designed, attractive books for teaching science at the pre-primary, primary and middle school level, built on the foundation of Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. This edition of the popular ScienceAhead series completely revised, with updated content. It is closely aligned to the NCF and conforms to the present CBSE uniform system of assessment.

Each book includes:

  • Learning Objectives: Encourage students to evaluate their progress and take responsibility for their learning
  • Mind Opener (1–5): A pre-learning section to lead students into the lesson
  • In-lesson activities: Experiments that help students develop a scientific temperament
  • Case Studies (6–8): In-depth coverage of important topics
  • Did You Know?/Science Tidbits: Nuggets of interesting information
  • Looking Back: In-lesson questions that give immediate feedback for the teacher
  • Assess Yourself: A brief summary of the lesson
  • Exercises: Exercises in a variety of patterns
  • Higher-order Thinking Skills: Questions that improve students’ analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Life Skills: Skills that help students cope with problems in daily life
  • Enrichment Activities: A variety of projects, experiments and activities
  • Fun Activities (1–5): Activities that are scientific and fun!
  • Be Inspired! (Scientists and Values): Information on people who have expanded the world of science or made the world a better place
  • Our Heritage: An exploration of India’s rich heritage in science
  • Internet Links: Links to websites with interesting information and activities
  • Periodic Tests and Examination Papers: Papers set according to the new CBSE pattern
  • National Science Olympiad Practice Papers (6–8): Two papers each in classes 6–8
  • Glossary: Definitions of technical terms