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New Success with MathsAhead is a series of 10 books (Primer A, B and Books 1 – 8) for pre-primary to middle school level. The books are in line with the National Curriculum Framework and follow the guidelines laid down by the NCERT. They meet all CCE requirements.

More open and colourful layout.

  • Greater application orientation, with greater emphasis on applications of maths in our daily life, for example in measurements, money, area and volume.
  • Two worksheets (instead of 1) at the end of each chapter.

Mathletics A for concepts and calculation skills – to enhance understanding and the skill to calculate quickly. It includes concept and calculation-based exercises, and mental maths.   
Mathletics B for higher skills – MCQs, higher order thinking, cross-curricular applications, life skills and values. It includes fun activities, projects and our heritage (such as yoga and Vedic maths).