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Raintree English is a course in Communicative English for K to 8, is a complete teaching-learning solution aimed at excellence in the English language. It is based on the National Curriculum Framework and supports the new CBSE uniform system of assessment.

Raintree English consists of the following:

For the student
• Primers and Activity Books 1 and 2
• Coursebooks 1–8
• Workbooks 1–8
• Literature Readers 1–8
• Students’ Apps 3–8

For the teacher
• Teachers’ Resource Packs Primers to 8
• Smart Books Primers to 8
• Web Support

Special Value Adds

  • Smart Books for Teachers Primers to 8: blended learning solutions, audio-visual resources, worksheets, presentations and question-paper generator, interactive exercises, extra resources, teachers’ resource folder
  • Students’ App 3­–8: language enrichment on the go, interactive practice of exam skills, sample exam papers
  • Animations: for stories and all poems (1­–8)
  • theme-based opening page: serves as a window into the ideas that the students will come across in the unit, focusses on 21st century skills, develops visual and critical literacy
  • Reading varied selection—classic, contemporary, Indian and Western with special focus on contemporary Indian writers for children. One play has been included in each Coursebook and Literature Reader (1–8).

Number of units:
Primary:  4 themes with a total of 10 units and 5 poems
Secondary: 6 themes: each theme has 2 texts and 1 poem

  • Skills: Reading, Writing and Enrichment Activities mapped to the Learning Indicators set out by the CBSE
  • Enhanced Comprehension Section: exam-style question formats based on the revised CBSE assessment pattern 2017–18
  • Embedded Questions in Prose Texts (in the CB): insightful questions that encourage students to think on their own, draw meaning from a text and express their ideas out loud, brings out the richness of the texts, allows teacher to assess level of comprehension among students
  • Grammar: carefully graded syllabus, concise explanations, plenty of practice, systematic revision
  • Enrichment Activities: Listening and Speaking sections in the Coursebooks emphasise development of oral skills in real-life contexts, consistent guidance through models and language structures with complete audio support
  • Vocabulary: rich source of new words and expressions, extended practice
  • Writing: focus on structure and coherence, guidance on writing for a variety of purposes
  • and in a variety of situations ranging from informal to very formal
  • Pronunciation/Spelling/Punctuation/Dictionary Work: graded practice, focus on challenging areas
  • Teacher Support: Compliant with the latest CBSE guidelines regarding Assessment and Evaluation and Sample Report Card. A comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Pack for each class with Periodic Tests (for classes 3–8)  and Term papers for the New CBSE Uniform System of Assessment, answer key, author notes, lesson and poem summaries, listening texts, lesson plans, question bank, worksheets, audio tracks and presentations.