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New Sangam with Gul Mohar is a set of 15 books for Classes 1 to 5 which combines the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies/Science and Social Studies, and General Knowledge and offers the student the express benefit of a lighter schoolbag.

This set of 15 books is structured as follows:

  • Classes 1 –  2; Terms 1 – 3:each term consisting of English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and General Knowledge.
  • Classes 3 – 5; Terms 1 – 3: each term consisting of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and General knowledge.

The English section from New Gul Mohar Eighth Edition offers the current, inherent strengths of Gul Mohar—a rich variety of reading texts and poems; a newly streamlined and updated syllabus for grammar and vocabulary; enrichment activities for oral skills; fully guided functional and creative writing skills. 

The Mathematics section from New Maths Ahead followsa step-by-step approachemphasising concepts and skillsIt is built on a framework of Maths Lab Activitiesthat help to develop and reinforce concepts, enhance skills and encourage application. At the end of each chapter, there aretwo worksheets with MCQs, HOTS questions and interesting fun activities that develop higher order thinking skills and life skills.

The EVS, Science and Social Studies sections focus on understanding rather than on merely providing information. Each chapter begin with Learning Objectives/Looking Ahead and Mind Opener, which prepare students to engage with the topic. Exercises include MCQs and HOTS questions. Enrichment activities include a wide range—experiments, model making, research projects, field trips, making presentations, map work, etc.