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It is increasingly being felt that rote learning and traditional ways of testing and evaluating a child must give way to a more holistic and flexible system of learning. In recognition of this fact, the CBSE has done away with the class 10 Board Exams, and introduced Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) for classes 9 and 10, followed by classes 6-8 in the next phase and finally for the primary classes.

Under this system of evaluation, it is believed that

  • the child's progress should not be evaluated only on the basis of rigid
    end of term question-answer type exams.
  • assessment should involve continuous monitoring and feedback through methods
    such as assignments, projects, surveys, experiments and quizzes.
  • teachers should recognise that no two children have the same abilities.
  • efforts should be made to build on each child's strengths and abilities
    and diagnose the problem areas.
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