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Childhood is a time of enchantment as well as innocence. The child's eye transforms even
commonplace incidents and objects into a magical landscape; and perhaps the most potent
magic of all is created by the miracle of reading. The purpose in introducing extensive
reading or reading for pleasure is to encourage children to read widely and independently,
without having to depend on the teacher's help.

Orient Blackswan Easy Readers old favourites and classics, simplified and abridged
Robin Readers — an exciting series of original fiction

Both series  
• are designed to be read for enjoyment • have carefully graded language
• range from 5 to 15 years • have simple exercises and activities

English 400 Reading Programme

• a mini portable library • carefully graded Reading Cards
• encourages independent reading • helps children read at their own pace

Little Readers

• a series of carefully graded readers  • a collection of thirty stories in five packs
• for children who have just begun to learn to read  


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