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Waves is a fresh and integrated semester series for LKG, UKG and classes 1–5. This series has a cross-curricular, activity-oriented and child-centred approach to learning and incorporates all the features of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).


The key features include:

  •  Engaging warm-ups to motivate teaching approach
  •  Tasks and exercises to promote higher order thinking skills
  •  MCQs; varied exercise formats for extensive practice
  •  Level-specific ASL tasks to home communicative skills
  •  Wide range of activities including projects, field work, map practice and model making
  •  Focus on life skills, values and heritage
  •  Worksheets for practice and revision

  •  A Note on CCE

  •  Assessment papers for CCE

  •  Formative Assessment Rubrics and Guidelines

  •  Lesson-based Teaching Modules

  •  Summative Assessment Papers with Answer Key

  •  Student Book Answer Key

  •  empower! — smartbooks for blended learning in the classroom